About Intellivestor.biz project

In many areas computers are steadily becoming better than humans. The investment area is going to be one of the next. According to different researches, profession of financial analyst is going to be obsolete in five or ten years due to the development of computer technologies.

There are already numerous web-sites, and software applications that give advices and help users to invest, however, this project will offer you a guideline how not to get lost in investment area. This is simply because you don’t have to be an expert in finance or technical analysis anymore in order to invest – the service already contains all the necessary math to evaluate financial instruments (financial analysis, technical analysis, statistics, benchmarkings, etc.) and create efficient portfolios.

We are a team of scientists and software developers (under the codename Intellivestor) with strong experience in development of services for financial institutions. Our knowledge and experience help us bring what is considered to be complicated to the ordinary people.

Service features

The main feature that is presented to the user is automated portfolios. The system combines all available information like financial analysis, industry trends, technical analysis, stats, benchmarking to create efficient portfolios.

The portfolios were tested thoroughly on the Russian stock market during year 2014, and they showed very promising results. During year 2015, we are going to implement the algorithm of automated portfolios for the American stock markets and integrate the application with a brokerage system.

For those who like to dig deeper into the analytics, the service offers a lot of other staff:

  • financial analysis
  • technical analysis
  • statistics
  • benchmarking
  • ratings
  • search engine
  • portfolio optimization


Please contact us at info@intellivestor.biz for more information.

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